perjantai 18. tammikuuta 2013

My gals!

I think I have the best troupe in the world! It's always so much fun in our rehearsals and I leave the rehearsal studio always with a big smile on my face! I love Gigi and Pepper!

Photo by Jirina Alanko

Photo by Jirina Alanko

lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013

Black & White

Here's some more pic's from the photoshoot with Jirina alanko! I just love the old time glamour of these photos!


Yesterday I was teaching 2 hen party workshops and oh boy it was fun! There was so much good female energy in the dance studio! I have to say that I looove teaching! 

perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2013

Blue Feathers

All photos by Jirina Alanko
Underbust corset by Anni Hiro/Hironia (decoration by me)
Headpiece by Fiona Timantti Millinery

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2013

At the moment...

... I'm working on with my new solo numbers. The best place to do it is our rehearsal studio! The studio feels like home and is full of inspiration! And the best thing is that there is no distraction; I usually only have my notebook, music, dancing gear and props for the numbers.


Notebook , music and fluffy panties; sometimes that's all I need!


Helsinki Burlesque Festival is here soon again!!! March 1st and 2nd we can enjoy of the amazing line up  in Gloria! Also I'm doing solo number for the festival and i'm super excited about that!!! Can't wait!!!