torstai 29. maaliskuuta 2012

Boom Boom Burlesque!

At the moment I'm working on with a new solo number. You will see it first time on stage in Boom Boom Burlesque @ Navy Jerry's Rum Bar, Helsinki next thursday! Come you all!
I'll share the stage with Bettie Blackheart, Marie la Mint, Gigi Praline, Pepper Sparkles, Tin Ker Bell, Vera De Vil, Lucie Good Ness, Mimi de Froufrou, Unelma, Milova Penestrada, Millie Mimosa & Wivian Wondrous. DJ Fiona Timantti, Host Lamey Crackhouse, Pick-up Babe Mimosa Varjo.

Tickets from here:

sunnuntai 18. maaliskuuta 2012

Weekend full of action!

This friday me and Gigi Praline had a little roadtrip to Turku and we performed in a private party. It so much fun to travel when you are in good company! :)

Backstage at Virgin Oil with Pepper and Gigi

Photo by Emiliano Mel

On saturday Thee Dizzy Daisies performed for the very first time with a live band! We had a honour to perform with The Capital Beat at Virgin Oil, Helsinki this saturday and it was one of my favourite gigs so far!

Now I'm working with a new solo number, you will see it soon! More about that later!

xoxo, Sandy

tiistai 6. maaliskuuta 2012


During the Helsinki Burlesque Festival week I had a photoshoot with amazing Kaylin Idora! It was a fun photoshoot and we took all the photos at the coolest bar in Helsinki, Navy Jerry's rum bar!

Teaser from the photoshoot!

(c)Kaylin Idora Photography

More Kaylin's photos you can find here: