torstai 29. maaliskuuta 2012

Boom Boom Burlesque!

At the moment I'm working on with a new solo number. You will see it first time on stage in Boom Boom Burlesque @ Navy Jerry's Rum Bar, Helsinki next thursday! Come you all!
I'll share the stage with Bettie Blackheart, Marie la Mint, Gigi Praline, Pepper Sparkles, Tin Ker Bell, Vera De Vil, Lucie Good Ness, Mimi de Froufrou, Unelma, Milova Penestrada, Millie Mimosa & Wivian Wondrous. DJ Fiona Timantti, Host Lamey Crackhouse, Pick-up Babe Mimosa Varjo.

Tickets from here:

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