lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2012

Getting in the mood for Burlesque!

Ladies from Finnish "Red Mill"

Me and Pepper we're lucky to meet these 2 ladies who used to perform in Red Mill! Oh and what stories they had!
There is only around 2 weeks to Helsinki Burlesque Festival! Excited!!!! Mean while you can go and see photo exhibitions to get in the mood for burlesque! In Sokos Hotel Aleksanteri (Albertinkatu 34) is an exhibition called "Oh, Burlesque in Helsinki, a piece of photographer history of the "Red Mill" of Helsinki in 40s to 60s"
I just loved all the photos!

Amazing Tattooed Lady @ Jukka Male museum
Also at Jukka Male museum in Kaapelitehdas is an exhibition of the past years of Helsinki Burlesque Festivals! Lot of great memories popped on my head while looking those photos!

I highly recommend: Go to see the exhibitions!!!!

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