torstai 5. heinäkuuta 2012

Go Go Show!

Last weekend me and Gigi did some Go Go danging at Nastolan Rautalanka festarit with The Dangermen! Oh boy it was fun!!! We really love our go go-boots and our fringe dresses, the outfit makes us feel like real 60s go go dancers!

The Dangermen is our favorite Finnish surf band. Go and check out their amazing album "Meet the men of danger".
The Dangemen and The Go Go Girls!
Photo by Minna Kivelä
Photo by Minna Kivelä

Photo by Minna Kivelä
After the fun gig I've been starting to work with the ideas for new numbers. I have few workshops during the summer but just can't wait to be on stage again!

I hope you all have fun summer!!!!

Big kisses! Sandy

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