lauantai 24. marraskuuta 2012

Yesterday's gig at Nosturi

Me and my friends Lucie Goodness and Rudie Ruthless shaked our tailfeathers at Nosturi's Welcome To Candyland event yesterday. me and Rudie did our "Tiger hunt"-number and I did my brand new blue feather fan dance for the very first time! We had so much fun! The venue is really nice and the stage is huge and they have the best backstage ever! I really enjoyed performing there! We also had some circus acrobatics and dance group and live band playing after the show! It was really nice event and I think that mixing burlesque, circus and dance performances was something new and fresh in here, it worked out really well!

Here's some pics from the venue and backstage. I hope I get some on stage pics later!

The venue just before doors opened

Our nice and cozy backstage

Costumes waiting in nice order

My eyes are up here!

Beautiful head piece by Fiona Timantti Millinery and corset by Hironia (decoration by me)

After the show!

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