lauantai 1. joulukuuta 2012

Oulu! Sinsational Joulugaala! Awesomeness!

Thee Dizzy Daisies went to Oulu last Friday to perform in Sinsational Joulugaala at Radisson Blu hotel. The event was sold out and we were very excited to perform there! We had a snowstorm here in Helsinki on Friday and in the morning when we went to the airport we didn't know if we can fly to Oulu in the storm. We were little nervous but after all the flight was 1,5 hours late and we got to Oulu safe and sound! Everything was organized really well and the venue was really beautiful! We had so much fun on stage! Now we are back in Helsinki and the city is full of snow and looks like a winter wonderland! I love it!

Breakfast at the airport
Pepper and Gigi
There is snow everywhere!!!!
Make up time!

I'm ready!

Daisies after the sinsational gig!

Beautiful sunrise in the saturday morning, we are on the way back home!

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